Case Study: Harwood, Broseley, UK

Harwood Case Study

Patrick Smitheman

Trial Length: January – March 2015 (subsequently purchased)

Contact: Patrick Smitheman

Harwood, an estate agency operating across Shropshire, trialled the Plustek eScan A150 for an initial two month period. The firm’s Managing Director, Patrick Smitheman, was so impressed with its ability to enhance operations and streamline activity that he subsequently purchased the scanner and has been fully utilising it ever since.

Managing Time and Meetings

Previously, Patrick had to walk through the general office to scan and retrieve documents from the communal printer, which is used by the whole team and which ultimately often incurred a queue. Patrick needed a personal scanner that he could use in his own office so he didn’t have to leave during a meeting, and so he could process personal documents such as financial statements and banking details rather than using the main one – which would provide clients with more reassurance.

Utilising Space and Quality

Patrick needed something that was small enough, yet competent enough, to fit on his desk and still provide high quality scans. The communal scanner located in the main office was of a high specification, so he wanted the new scanner to match the quality of scans and which was easy to use by both its younger and older generation of workers.

Harwood took delivery of the Plustek eScan device and Patrick said, “I’m pleased to say that the previous issues were resolved straight away. I can now process scans and retrieve documents in front of the client and without having to leave the meeting, providing them with more peace of mind and comfort. The speed and convenience of the device proved even more effective than our main printer as it enabled me to access scans instantaneously and avoid long waiting times.

Convenient for All

The user-interface of the eScan A150 is extremely friendly and the scanner has been used by the whole team. We employ people of all ages – the younger generation are very familiar with touch-screen facilities, whereas the older generation isn’t as confident. The scanner is very easy to use to people of all technological skills levels, including my father, who is over 60 years of age.”

I was so impressed with the results of the eScan A150 during our initial trial period that I have since purchased it for permanent situ on my desk to continue helping streamline my daily duties and tasks.

Businesses like ours – including those in the financial, renting, accounting and legal sectors – often use specialist industry software such as Kashflow or Receipt Bank. A huge benefit of the eScan A150 is that it integrates very effectively with these such softwares. With all of these factors in mind, I would recommend this product to others in these fields.

It’s personal and intimate, quicker, easier and more convenient than traditional office scanners.

Patrick Smitheman Harwood Estate Agent
Fukuro Direct UK

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